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During this field research project, I explored and developed a personal take on an existing perspective known as ‘‘Circular Thinking’’: a path that opens one up to multiple directions while becoming aware of the many connections in between.

After reading about Rhizome and Circular Thinking in  ‘A Thousand Plateaus’ by Deleuze & Guattari, I visited organic farmers in Groningen.

 rewrite: first read, then visit farmers and experience reanactment on words in real. 


Through interviews and sound recordings I explored their connection to the land.

 Translating my findings into patterns, drawn on a computer connected to a loom, resulted in a green woven that gradually grows from tight structures to open, dynamic ‘fields’. 

In collaboration with musician ElecktRick, the field recordings merged into soundscapes. During this process, I found similarities between composing sound and weaving: cutting up bits of sound and interlacing them together. The connections formed rhythms in various ways, just as my interweaving of threads formed different patterns.


All this work came together in a performance in which words were interwoven with sound, material and growth.

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