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Rosa Smits is an Amsterdam based - while often traveling & working- artist, specialised in textiles. Installations and performative aspects also appear in her work, regularly in collaboration with others. 

''Fascinated by societies which live collectively and in harmony with nature, I research two huge topics: how to live and work together. Much has been written on these issues, among others by Roland Barthes, Deleuze and Bruno Latour. Their philosophies serve as inspiration and as guides for my work. By working site specific and using weaving as main medium and as metaphor for creating connections; my practise intertwines art, craft, research and anthropology. I weave with local materials and dye wool with plants, food leftovers, spices and earth. Sometimes, I invite inhabitants to participate in the process of creating: resulting in a new collective language which conceals our exchange of gestures, knowledge and ideas. At other times, personal stories of places and people, merged with my experience, form the basis of a tangible piece.''

After gaining her BA in Art & Design at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam (2018), her work was exhibited at Rotterdam Artweek, in various places in Amsterdam among which The Cobra Museum and Stedelijk Museum and in Iceland, Morocco and Denmark. She also takes part in extensive research projects such as 'Weaving Voices as Threads of CommunitIes'

(2022-2024) which is funded by the European Union. 

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