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On Land        ''Can we redefine politics as what brings us back to earth?'' - Bruno Latour


The materials I work with once grew in soil. Growing up in a country of flat lands, wide views and scarce places to be alone in nature, led me to investigate where the borders of the land lie and where humanization starts; a symbiotic relationship that can endlessly be analyzed. What I have found is that our dependence on the earth has grown into attachment, which manifests in many ways: from seeding to nurturing, from owning to predominating.

2021 | Art Residency in Unnerud, Denmark

What does it mean to own land? How do you relate to it as a temporary resident? Surrounded by fields of grain, I explored with a material-based research my relationship with the land and that of some local landowners.

2018 - 2019 | Traveling through Indonesia

Traveling alone through Bali, Sulawesi and Java, I reflected on my journey and my position as a traveler with small hand weaves and carefully chosen titles. Also, I explored local textile techniques and materials.


2016 | Field Research in Groningen

Inspired by field research with three farmers and their land in Groningen, I produced written-, material- and sound-based work, all interconnected by their explorations of the borders in between the land and oneself: a perspective called circular thinking.

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