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Weaving the Words

GROUPSHOW until 7th of October @Pleinkamer, Lambertus Zijlplein 7 Amsterdam!

The role weaving still plays in language (in expressions such as 'weaving the fabric of society') shows how important the weaving process has been in our history and culture. For a long time, weaving was one of the few ways for women to have a visual voice in society. By coming together with other women to practice handicrafts, they built up a network.

Artists Femke Schaap (NL), Isfrid Angard Sijehaug (NO/NL), Rosa Smits (NL) and Pernille Lonstrup (DK/NL) investigate the significance of weaving in contemporary art and society. For this exhibition they made new work with which they intertwine our culture, history and the role of women in it.


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