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Backside Carpet # 2 Amekhlij

Duration of weaving
The reason to also weave a carpet in Morocco with the
Amazigh women of Amekhlij was to find out the difference in duration and visual aspects in comparison with the carpet collectively woven with participants in Amsterdam. The women of Amekhlij are skilled weavers and have learned the technique and their folklore symbolism from their mothers. 
The loom I had prepared was a smaller size, due to the flight limitations.The size of this carpet is 80 x 60 cm, which is comparable to an Arabic prayer rug. In 4 days, weaving together with 4 other women (but mostly Rachida), it was finished.

The names, dates and time were embroidered on the backside later. The labour of the women was voluntarily, but through the Foundation that artist Hamid El Kanbouhi had made with Rachida, I could contribute a donation for their generous time, effort and enthusiasm to participate. Although more than being grateful for working together, and very hard to put a price on, I felt grateful for the beautiful and intense experience of living in their community. Ten days of sharing life with people I could hardly speak with, included baking bread in the morning, playing with the kids, cooking, doing dishes, sleeping, washing ourselves, singing, going for a stroll outside, decorating each other and weaving this carpet together.  

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