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The sunset, field, forest and full moon route. 


This second work was deliberately made differently from work 1 (Transforming train ride) to see how the outcomes would differ and if the two pieces would still work together. 
The idea of this piece is based on the grid of the village of Unnerud and it maps out my favorite walking routes (see graphics below). Using shapes and color I symbolised my favourite features within the scenery. The mint green shape was a beautiful field of grain; at times looking soft, edible gold, especially during the 'golden hours'. The two rounded pink shapes mark the route where I often walked to see the sunset. The green/blue diagonal line with square represents a path surrounded by trees. The green/blue corner portrays the beach and sea, in which I swam in the full moon light.

Measurements and materials.
size of woven textile: 110cm wide x 130cm long
steel hanger: 120cm wide x 10cm deep

The piece is made with organic linen and wool, partly dyed with vegetables:
avocado (pink),
red cabbage & vinegar (mint green),
black beans (green/blue). 

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