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                              EXHIBITIONS 2024

29/03 - 31/03   IJ Kunst Collectief - Loods 6 Amsterdam
20/06 - 14/07   Nieuwelingen - Van Eesteren Museum

20/07 - 31/08   ZomerSalon Royaal - CBK ZuidOost 
07/09 -05/0     With Love - DAY Collective Studio - Lycka 
28/11 - 18/12    Weaving Voices - Pleinkamer, Lambertus

                              Zijlplein 7 Amsterdam



March 2024: Exhibition at Loods 6 Amsterdam with IJ Kunst Collectief. 

weave nieuw-west.jpg

May 2024:  Two afternoons of weaving with participants at

Stille Wateren Festival. The weaving will continue at Knits&Now

festival on June 23d. . 

            2024 Weaving Together

6-12 May    Szalatnak, Hungary 

                     (Weaving Voices residency) 

25 May       Van Eesteren Museum 12u - 17u 

26 May       Natuurkamer 12u - 17u 

23 Juni      Knits & Notes festival 12 - 22u

Nov-Dec   Haak & Maak, Pleinkamer

                    Lambertus Zijlplein 7 


May 2023: Forming a group together with 6 weavers of Amekhlij and a translator, and creating our work conditions together, based on the Fair Practise Code. 


June 2023. A collaboration with Amazigh women in Amekhlij, rural Morocco.

May 2024: Creating community through Collective Weaving in Szalatnak, Hungary.

detail - gap.jpg

August 2023: Projectweek filled with public activities in  collaboration with Leeds City of Culture 2023 and Leeds City Museum.  

April 2023: projectweek at Bureau Postjesweg, lead by Nina van Hartskamp and Rosa Smits, centered around visual, tactile and storytelling practices


September 2023: Expo at Pleinkamer - Bookstore's project space, of 4 female artists: Pernille Lonstrup, Isfrid Angard Siljehaug, Femke Schaap and Rosa Smits. 

_MG_9360 image flyer weaving the words.jpg

Since September 2023: textile craft workshops for women at Pleinkamer in Geuzenveld, Amsterdam. 

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