Introduction to handweaving

Weaving with your loom

Your ticket purchase includes a weaving kit and a variety of threads so you can experiment on the techniques you will learn and begin to create different patterns. Throughout the course, Rosa will guide you on how to operate the loom and on the process of beginning to completing a swatch of textile.

Making knots: Basic to intermediate

Knots are the technical bedrock of a construction. Learn the maneuvers to make the different types of knots, from the basic that hold sections together, to the flourishes that give a finished work its unique character.

Creating patterns and managing colours

Textiles are a unique medium for art: From palatial tapestries to ornate rugs, they are a hardy, resilient, and intimate canvas for telling a story with images and patterns. Learn how to execute your ideas by managing sections of the weave in the loom and deciding on your colour palette.


Location: online via Zoom

through artplatform MILKFISH

Date: 2, 9, 6 July
Time: 13.00 - 14.30

Costs: € 70,- Language: Dutch/Englisch

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Introduction to handweaving
@Cobramuseum (Amstelveen)


During this weaving workshop, artist Rosa Smits teaches you the basic technique of weaving on a loom. We work with wool from Morocco and you learn how to distinguish it from other textile materials. You also learn to combine different colors and the so-called 'Berber Button' is discussed, with which weavers in Morocco have been knotting incredibly soft carpets for centuries. Weaving is a wonderful thing to do: it is very accessible, repetitive and therefore soothing. After the workshop you will have completely relaxed and you will also take your own beautiful weaving work home with you!

Location: Cobramuseum Amstelveen

Date: 6 May
Time: 14.30 - 16.30

Costs: € 20,- (exclusive  museum entrance) 

Language: Dutch/Englisch

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