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A totem [noun] is a supernatural object, being or animal that has personal symbolic meaning to an individual and with whose one feels strongly connected.


If handbags become symbols of femininity and status and tote bags are mainly produced for marketing purposes, what do you use to carry your stuff if you don’t want to be associated with both?
Becoming familiar with circular weaving, I used this technique to weave a collection of durable bags. These tote bags are made out of only two threads: the body is formed by the weft and the handle by the warp, made of organic linen. For the weft, I used Icelandic wool, not only because the sheep live a free roaming life; also because their wool has become very resistant to heave weather conditions.  Every TOTEm carries its own irregular pattern and set of colors, which speak to different wearers. 

Pictures by Akos Tar


Pictures made by Akos Tar photography.  

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