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Unique Handwoven artwork made in 2021, part of series 'The Land We Owe'.

The work is based on a satellite photo of Unnerud; the village of the residency. It maps out my favorite walking routes in the area.

The Land We Owe

SKU: 1
€ 1.850,00Price
  • Size: 110cm width x 130cm long.
    Materials: organic linnen and wool, partly dyed with vegetables.
    Hanger: steel, 120cm width, 10cm depth. Attach with 2 screws to a wall.
    Weight: 2,5 kilo 
    Edition 1 of total: 1
    Signed & titled, includes original design image



  • The cost of shipping is not included in the price since it varies based on the destination for the artwork. If you are considering purchasing a piece, please contact me directly (via email) so that I can determine the most suitable shipping method and provide you with an accurate price. Additionally, if you prefer a customized item in a specific size, we can also discuss this option.

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