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Yarn and fiber installation, made in 2024. 


Dimensions: 80 cm wide x 60 cm high x 30 cm deep
Material: banana and pineapple fiber, linen, cotton, silk (naturally dyed) and seaweed yarn (indigo). Hanger made of steel. 


The name of the work refers the perception of people from Rosa Smits' hometown of the white fiber. She grew up in Gemert ,Noord Brabant, which used to be a weaverstown where poor factory workers would chew on pieces of textile waste that looked exactly like this bamboo fiber, in order to replace an expensive kind of tobacco. 


Due to the fragility of this work, it can not be send by post. It can be picked up by a large car/van, and advisable is to have the work carefully installed in collaboration with the artist. 

Chewing on the past

€ 2.450,00Price
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