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Collective Weaving during show

Personal stories
This was 'my' first finished Collective Carpet, but
during my research period in an art residency in Iceland I had already experienced weaving with participants. Which taught me that the focus point was the act of weaving together; connecting over connecting threads and responding to each other's work. Based on that, I decided to have no design plan of how the carpet had to look like. Instead, I designed the conditions: a 'nomadic' loom, wool in different colors (all plant dyed in Iceland) and contact with places were I could go and weave with others. There was one rule for me: to weave only with undyed wool; to grasp easily how much work I did and how much help I got. 

The different colors say something about the time a person has invested on it. With some exceptions: people who just added a few knots which are hard to trace back. Some participants still have a clear memory of what they have woven, and I do too.
The yellow square, middle-right:, woven by Natalia - a friend and owner of OKO. The other yellow square with an olive-purple eye-ish shape in it, woven by Ania -also a friend and owner of OKO (a Polish word for 'eye').
The blue background with the yellow/green heart (now upside down); a spontaneous meeting of two people who started dating each other after.
Personal connections were made; their stories and memories are embedded, hidden in between the woven and knotted lines. 

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